• Seat Belt Extensions

    Motability Ireland has a wide range of adjustable seat-belt extensions in stock. These can be used in conjunction with children's seating. Please call our sales office for further details 01 8359173 or Jonny on 086 8055 072.
  • Handy Bar

    If you have difficulty getting in and out of a vehicle, the Handy-bar is the product for you. This simple handy-bar device easily fits into the bracket on your car door, giving the user the leverage and support required to get in and out of the vehicle safely. Handybar’s universal fit means it is suitable for the majority of vehicles.
  • Easy Release Handbrake

    Motability Ireland's unique design of the easy release handbrake allows operation of most vehicle parking brakes for those with arthritics or other hand disabilities. This simple but effective mechanism attaches to the parking brake to bring the operating handle nearer to the driver and to allow the driver to operate the parking brake with one easy action requiring minimal dexterity in the hand.
  • Pre-Owned Wheelchair Tail Lifts

    Motability Ireland has a wide range of pre-owned wheelchair tail lifts. These can be sold separately or supplied & fitted.
  • Pre-Owned Carony Seating Systems

    Motability Ireland has a wide range of Carony seating systems in stock from as little as €1500 supplied & fitted. Please speak to our dedicated sales team on 01 835 9173 or Jonny on 086 8055 072 to confirm vehicle suitability.
  • 12 Volt Wheelchair Winch

    Save your back by fitting a wheelchair winch that will pull the wheelchair into your vehicle and also allows for safe exiting from the vehicle. Call Motability Ireland for further information or to see a demonstration of a winch today
  • Pre-Owned Multimac 4 Seat Childrens Seat

    Preowned Multimac - The only childrens seat that allows 4 children to sit safely on a bench seat of any car. This brilliant car seat saves you having to buy expensive 7 seater vehicles. Call us on 01 835 9173, Jonny on 086 8055 072 or Jack on 086 0464 700 for further details. Fitting cost an additional €160.
  • Puncture Repair Kit

    Designed specifically for fleet operators, the SOS Tyre Inflator and Puncture Repair Kit supports your Duty of Care and enables you to achieve fuel and tyre savings. The handy kit is a feat of multi-tasking. The user-friendly operation and accuracy of the digital compressor allow drivers to check tyre pressures regularly at home and when tyres are cold before the start of a journey, helping to ensure maximum accuracy, improved safety, fuel consumption and tyre wear. Inflation couldn’t be easier, as the compressor cuts off automatically when the set tyre pressure is reached and the powerful compressor fully inflates a flat tyre in less than 4 minutes.
  • Panoramic Mirrors

    The Panoramic is a large rear view mirror, which permit the driver to obtain an all round uninterrupted view of the road including all side windows. Thus solving the problem of the driver not seeing a passing vehicle because the notorious “blind-spot” is virtually eliminated. The mirror is solidly made and easily fitted over the existing interior mirror with its spring clips. Please note that these mirrors are a universal mirror, they should fit most standard rear view mirrors but may not fit vehicles with auto censoring rear view mirrors.
  • Swivel Cushion

    This padded turning cushion may be helpful for use when exiting car seats or when getting up from chairs and beds. It is used for rotation while seated and allows swivel transfer without painful jarring or twisting. The cushion is made from ABS plastic and has an attachable safety belt for car use. It has a removable fleece cover, which is machine washable for easy cleaning.
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